February Rucking Challenge

Lucky Rucker Challenge


The Challenge:
The roll of the dice determine the challenge!

Let's do this

March Challenge

While members of your Ruck Club can do the regular March Rucking Challenge on their own, Ruck Club Leaders can use this challenge to bring your club together for a common goal while increasing participation in your club's events.

How to Structure the Lucky Ruck

For the Ruck Club version of the Lucky Rucker Challenge, let your club know that the roll of the dice will determine 1) how far you ruck will be and 2) how many coupons you'll be carrying as a group.

When everyone arrives, roll the one die to see how far you'll go (1-6 miles). Then, have a second roll to see how many coupons you'll be taking with you.

For larger groups, you can use 2 dice for your coupon roll.

For members of your Ruck Club that want to earn the patch, there are two options:

1. Ruck Club Leaders can direct their members to sign up for the challenge on their own.

2. Ruck Club Leaders are welcome to order patches (5 patch minimum) from us in bulk and handle resale or gifting them to members as they see fit. The order form is found below.

Ruck Clubs ordering in bulk can buy patches at the rate of $10 per patch.

Please note that bulk orders will only be available as supplies last. It is HIGHLY recommended that you do not wait to order patches. Once they are gone, they are gone. You don't want to promise your club patches and then find out we're all sold out.

Monthly Ruck Challenges

March 2020 Rucking Challenge - Ruck Club

Ruck Clubs ordering in bulk can buy patches at the rate of $10 per patch.