May Rucking Challenge

Memorial Ruck

The Challenge:
Start and/or End your ruck at a local war memorial. Ruck weight should be "heavier" and you should carry the name and/or picture of a fallen service member on your ruck.

Let's do this

May Challenge

Your challenge is to ruck with a "heavier" than your normal rucking weight.

You should start and/or end your ruck at a local war memorial. At the memorial, take a moment to Remember & Honor those who have given their last full measure for the sake of your country. How you do that is up to you.

It is recommended that carry the name and/or picture of a fallen service member.

There is no prescribed distance for this challenge.

May Patch

Everyone who signs up gets a patch.

Patch design by Jason Hendrickson.

Sponsor & Schwag!

This challenge is sponsored by – Your source for rucking advice, training tips, product reviewsruck clubs, and more. will give be giving away this sweet GORUCK Bullet Ruck to one randomly selected rucker at the end of the month.

Update: this ruck was given away in June of 2019.

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Got Questions?


1. Why should I do this challenge?
Because doing hard things and earning patches is awesome.

2. What if my town doesn't have a war memorial?
Start/end at a police station or fire station.

3. What happens if I don't complete the challenge?
Well... nothing. You still get the patch and can still win the gear.

4. Why is the subscription price lower than the single entry price?
Because, we want you to sign up for the subscription.

5. I'm not sure I want to subscribe. What if next month's challenge is too hard or the prize isn't as cool?
The more people that sign up and subscribe, the more cool stuff we can give away. And, we are designing challenges that can accommodate all level of ruckers.

6. Is Ruck May sponsoring this?
Yup. They are sponsoring the May challenge. Show them some love and visit their site.

7. Who is running this thing?
My name is Ryan. I run Ruck.Beer, Ruck.Training, and I kinda like rucking. My email is in question 9 if you wanna ask me anything.

8. How do I cancel a subscription?
Email me at the address in question 9 and we will cancel your subscription ASAP.

9. I have more questions and/or I want to be a sponsor. What should I do?
Email ryan AT

10. What do I do now?
Click the button below and sign up.

11. When do I get my patch?
It should be in your mailbox before the end of May.

12. What about International folks?
We ship patches internationally at no additional cost. If you win the Bullet Ruck, you may be responsible for shipping cost and/or any associated taxes or fees.