July Rucking Challenge

Roosevelt Ruck

The Challenge:
Ruck 84 minutes carrying a log.

Let's do this

July Challenge

Hands down, one of America’s toughest presidents is Theodore Roosevelt. This July we’ll honor the Rough Rider president by heeding his words to “speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” 

Indeed, you will go far. You’ll carry a big stick (aka, a log) for 84 minutes.

Why 84 minutes? Because that’s how long the speech was that he gave in 1912 after being shot. In the chest.

Channel your inner Roosevelt, grab a log, and celebrate American grit and determination.


Beginners: Make it a smaller log or share the log with a friend. 

Experienced: Don’t skimp on the log. Make Roosevelt proud.

Clubs: Lots of people + Lots of Logs = Awesomness. 

Rucker’s ChoiceR

July Patch

Choose your own adventure

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Got Questions?


What is Rucking?
Rucking is simply walking with a weighted backpack. If you'd like to learn more, here is an entire site devoted to the sport of rucking.

1. Why should I do this challenge?
Because doing hard things and earning patches is awesome.

2. What happens if I don't complete the challenge?
Well... nothing. You still get the patch. But, come on. It is gonna be awesome.

3. Why is the subscription price lower than the single entry price?
Because, we want you to sign up for the subscription.

4. I'm not sure I want to subscribe. What if next month's challenge is too hard or the patch isn't as cool?
We are designing challenges that can accommodate all level of ruckers. You can see our past events to get an idea of what we offer.

5. What if my Ruck Club wants to do this challenge?
Cool! If you want to make a bulk order, email us (see Q8).

6. Who is running this thing?
Rucking Challenges is part of The Rucking Collective, LLC. But, if you're asking about the human behind it, my name is Ryan. My email is in question 8 if you wanna ask me anything.

7. How do I cancel or update a subscription?
Email me at the address in question 8 and we will cancel your subscription ASAP.

8. I have more questions, need to update my shipping/billing address, want ice cream, or need to end my subscription. What should I do?
Email ryan@ruckingchallenges.com.

9. What do I do now?
Click the button below and sign up.

10. When do I get my patch?
It should be in your mailbox in early May or within 5 business days after you order (if you order in May). Time may be longer for international customers.

11. What about International folks?
We ship patches internationally at no additional cost.