February Rucking Challenge

86 for 86

The Challenge:
Ruck 86 flights of stairs in honor of the 86 firefighters lost in 2018.

Let's do this

February Challenge

In 2018 we lost 86 firefighters in the United States. We will honor the memory of those men and women as we ruck up 86 flights of stairs (or 1,114 steps).

There is no set weight requirement
(but heavier is better)
Only "up" steps count for the challenge.
What is Rucking?

Make it Meaningful

Here are a few optional ways to make this Rucking Challenge more meaningful:

- Download the list of firefighters lost.
- Pick one person from the list to "carry" on your ruck.
- Say the name of one fallen firefighter after every flight of stairs.
- Stop by a station before or after the ruck and thank the crew.

Feb Patch + Free Gear

Everyone who signs up gets a patch.

February’s patch is sponsored by Recycled Firefighter.

Patch design by Jason Hendrickson.

In addition to the patch, Recycled Firefighter will be giving away some sweet gear to several randomly selected (aka, lucky) ruckers. As a participant you’ll have the chance to win one of the following:
24 Hour Ruck
12 Hour Ruck
Fire Hose Sergeant Wallet
Captain Bifold Wallet
Rookie Bifold Wallet

Recycled Firefighter began in 2014 with the release of the Sergeant Wallet made from recycled firehose. Since then Recycled Firefighter has added a host of USA made products like rucks, pouches, notebooks, and more.

Choose your own adventure

$12 - Single Entry

$10 - Subscription

PLEASE NOTE : Shipment of patches for this Challenge will be delayed until March.
Full details can be found here.



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Single Entry


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Got Questions?


1. Do I need to pay you in order to do this challenge?
Nope. Everyone is welcome to step up and do this challenge. If you pay to sign up you'll get a patch and a chance to win some gear.

2. Do I have to ruck all 86 flights in one go?
If you're an experienced rucker, then you should shoot for that. But, if you break it up into several rucks over the course of the month, that's cool too.

3. What happens if I don't ruck 86 flights?
Well... nothing. You still get the patch and can still win the gear.

4. Why is the subscription price lower than the single entry price?
Because, we want you to sign up for the subscription.

5. I'm not sure I want to subscribe. What if next month's challenge is too hard or the prize isn't as cool?
The more people that sign up and subscribe, the more cool stuff we can give away. And, we are designing challenges that can accommodate all level of ruckers.

6. Is Recycled Firefighter sponsoring this?
Yup. They are sponsoring the February challenge. Show them some love and visit their site.

7. Who is running this thing?
My name is Ryan. I run Ruck.Beer, Ruck.Training, and Rucking.com. I kinda like rucking. My email is in question 9 if you wanna ask me anything.

8. How do I cancel a subscription?
Email me at the address in question 9 and we will cancel your subscription ASAP.

9. I have more questions and/or I want to be a sponsor. What should I do?
Email ryan AT ruckingchallenges.com.

10. What do I do now?
Click the button below and sign up.

11. When do I get my patch?
It should be in your mailbox before the end of February.