April Rucking Challenge

Coupon Ruck

The Challenge:
Ruck 10 miles with a coupon.

Let's do this

April Challenge

Your challenge is to ruck 10 miles with the addition of a "coupon."

Miles can be broken up as needed.
Coupons can be shared.
There is no minimum (or maximum) coupon weight.

What the heck is a Coupon?

A "coupon" is any additional weight carried outside of your ruck.

Examples of coupons include but are not limited to: Sandbags, water cans, logs, cinder blocks, children, exercise balls filled with water, a second ruck, anything heavy and annoying.

April Patch

Everyone who signs up gets a patch.

Patch design by Jason Hendrickson.

Pays to be a Winner!

A classic ruck challenge deserves a classic sponsor.

This challenge is brought to you by PATHFINDER Ruck Training.


Here’s what they’re giving away:

5 Complimentary Forward/Endure Course Credits

2 Complimentary Advanced Course Credits

1 Complimentary FULL Training Bundle (All three courses)


BONUS Social Media Contest:

How To Play:

  1. Tag your pictures of you and your group doing the coupon challenge with #pathfinderrucktraining and #MonthlyRuckingChallenge
  2. Like PATHFINDER Ruck Training on Facebook
  3. Follow @pathfinderrucktraining on Instagram

Prizes and Rules:
2 winners will be chosen for the largest rucking group and the craziest coupon. Winners will get a Complete Training Bundle of all three PATHFINDER Programs (Forward, Endure, Advanced)
One winner per instagram account.


Don’t just survive your next ruck event…THRIVE…with PATHFINDER Ruck Training. For over four years the PATHFINDER program has prepared thousands of GRTs to be stronger, ruck farther, carry heavier, and be better teammates for every GORUCK endurance event and more. With three levels of training — introductory, intermediate, and advanced — the five-star rated PATHFINDER program is perfectly tailored to help you reach your rucking goals. 

Class 020 starts May 1st so join us today!

Choose your own adventure

$12 - Single Entry

$10 - Subscription



April Subscriptions closed

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Got Questions?


1. Why should I do this challenge?
Because doing hard things and earning patches is awesome.

2. Do I have to ruck all the weight in one go?
Nope. You can break it up over the month however you see fit.

3. What happens if I don't complete the challenge?
Well... nothing. You still get the patch and can still win the gear.

4. Why is the subscription price lower than the single entry price?
Because, we want you to sign up for the subscription.

5. I'm not sure I want to subscribe. What if next month's challenge is too hard or the prize isn't as cool?
The more people that sign up and subscribe, the more cool stuff we can give away. And, we are designing challenges that can accommodate all level of ruckers.

6. Is PATHFUNDER Ruck Training sponsoring this?
Yup. They are sponsoring the April challenge. Show them some love and visit their site.

7. Who is running this thing?
My name is Ryan. I run Ruck.Beer, Ruck.Training, and Rucking.com. I kinda like rucking. My email is in question 9 if you wanna ask me anything.

8. How do I cancel a subscription?
Email me at the address in question 9 and we will cancel your subscription ASAP.

9. I have more questions and/or I want to be a sponsor. What should I do?
Email ryan AT ruckingchallenges.com.

10. What do I do now?
Click the button below and sign up.

11. When do I get my patch?
It should be in your mailbox before the end of April.

12. What about International folks?
We ship patches internationally at no additional cost.